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Multiple settlements where the insurer paid more than the policy limit to accident victims

Seven figure jury verdict for pedestrian with brain injury

Seven figure settlement for rear-end accident victim with spine surgery


Michael Shubeck

Michael Shubeck is a graduate of the University of South Dakota School of Law. He is a farmer’s son and learned the value of hard work helping his father with his cattle and farming operation.

He is responsible for recovering millions of dollars for his clients. From the beginning of his practice he has been at the heart of high profile South Dakota litigation. Michael helped defend a prominent South Dakota real estate developer against over one hundred claims of construction defects and fraud. He worked to convince insurance companies of their contractual duties, obtained a favorable settlement, and then pursued the insurance companies that did not honor their agreements. In the end, his client received a favorable outcome.

Michael has participated in ten appeals in South Dakota, California, and certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.

He represents people like business owners, real estate agents, physicians, and accident victims in cases such as car accidents, realtor defense, construction defense, business disputes, employment disputes, insurance contract disputes, and civil rights. Michael also has unique insight into drafting contracts, wills and trusts, as well as setting up corporations, that comes from experience in litigation.

Gregory A. Yates, Michael's mentor, continues in an Of Counsel/ Advisory relationship. Gregory A. Yates grew up a “strat brat” as an air force son at Ellsworth, SD and graduated from the University of South Dakota school of law in 1972. Since that time he has been at the center of high profile litigation and has been recognized for his skills as a trial attorney. He was at the center of litigation that helped South Dakota and other tribes recover over $100,000,000 in funds that were mismanaged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injured victims.

He represented 60 individuals in suits against the Los Angeles Police Department where he uncovered the corruption of the Rampart division of the department in framing individuals for many different crimes in what has become known as the "Rampart Scandal".

Gregory A. Yates has received recognition for motor vehicle defect cases and other product liability cases where his work resulted in manufacturers actually recalling and fixing or reengineering dangerously defective products. He has also been successful in bringing complex catastrophic injury cases including over 100 traumatic brain injury cases.

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